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10 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversions

Converting website views into the desired action – irrespective of whether we’re talking about purchases, generating leads, clicking a certain page, etc. – constitutes the primary goal of marketing.

In order to improve conversion rates, you will need to test and analyze the success of various methods, improving them accordingly. The following guide lists the ten most effective methods to optimize conversions.

Ways To Improve Your Website Conversions

  1. Simple, clear layouts

The user’s ability to browse the content of the website with ease and find everything he needs is directly proportional to the chances of transforming the visit into a sale. If he cannot navigate his way through the myriad of unnecessary pop-ups and flash animations, the user will probably take his business elsewhere.

  1. Unambiguous, direct calls to action

Be certain that the CTA is visible and simple to understand, but refrain from drawing too much attention to it (no large red arrows or blinking lights!). Keep it simple and make sure the phrasing reflects your intended call to action. Writise has some of the best call to action examples.

  1. Quick method of converting views to the desired action

Never overcomplicate the conversion method or introduce redundant steps that would deter the client from the purchase decision. Keep in mind that nobody wants to spend more time that they have to on a certain task.

  1. Full contact details for the company

Your job is to win the trust of the potential client and one of the best methods to do so consists of providing him with the full list of ways he can contact you in case something is wrong or he needs additional information.

  1. Comprehensive terms of service

The client also needs to know what his options are in terms of product return, warranties, installation services, so on and so forth. This should be covered in the ToS section of your website.

  1. Extra bang for the buck

Unless you can offer a better value than the competition (free shipping, coupons for other purchases, etc.), then you don’t really have an edge.

  1. Loyalty programs and continued interactions

Keeping in contact with the client post-sale may very well translate into additional conversions and/or winning brand advocacy.

  1. Extensive information prior to the sales pitch

Offering all the details required to make an informed decision will determine the client to react in a more favourable manner when he’s presented with the sales pitch.

  1. Social network integration

Social media campaigns are extraordinarily potent sales tools, so don’t forget to integrate them into your marketing strategy.

  1. Quality customer support

Make sure a client can always contact your company for additional information regarding your products by providing them an extended-hours customer support.

Guest Post by Novatise