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Bluehost Hosting Review

Want an honest Bluehost review? Well, I’ve been a paying Bluehost customer for over a year now and over that time I’ve consume quite a bit of fun with their plans. And in this video I want to go over the 6 most important things I think you should know before coming a project with Bluehost. So, without any further talking let’s prance right into this Bluehost review.

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Bluehost project a start at $7.99 but if you use the links in the specific characteristics down below you can get that expenditure down to really $2.95 for your first call. Be aware that this price is only valid if you buy their plans for at least three years if you buy for a shorter period of time then the cost will be higher. When your means expire and you need to renew the reincarnate costs will no longer be discounted, you will need to pay the full amount. So, in order to get the biggest discounts you need to buy for the longest amount of age on your first acquire. Bluehost offers faster loading web sites than most other web hosting providers you can expect your website to be around 20% faster than other solutions in like this similar price range. However, I did notice that Bluehost tend to crash a lot more than other providers so you’re sacrificing stability for speed. Using UptimeRobot I road how often my website goes offline in the past 30 daylights my website went offline for about 34 times. Which is quite a lot to be honest but the average response time was just 180 milliseconds which was surprisingly fast.

Likewise, utilizing GTmetrix I’ve tried the loading speeding of my Bluehost website and it landed in exactly 0.7 seconds. So, based on these research ensues we can definitely see that Bluehost proposals fast and cheap web hosting business. Nonetheless, you might experience some downtime now and there of course this happens with almost any web hosting provider only in my experience it’s a little bit more common with Bluehost but if you’re looking for a really stable web hosting provider I recommend you check out Dreamhost I have a full review of Dreamhost that I’ll put right here. By the direction real quick, I want to mention that my path is supported by affiliate attaches so if you buy something from the links down in the specific characteristics below you get a discount and I make a commission these commission’s allow me to construct more videos allow me to buy more network hosting services to test and remain my content patron and ad free. So, if you decide to buy web hosting business to get yourself a dismal through the links down below and support the channel at the same time thank you very much and let’s go back to this Bluehost review.

Every single Bluehost plan comes with a free subject and a free SSL certificate getting everything included in your contrive will save you around $ 15 per year you too get 50 gigabytes of SSD storage space even with the cheapest program. In most cases 50 gigabytes is actually behavior more than you actually need when creating your website and having a free domain name with a free SSL certificate is a huge interest that you are able to strongly consider when choosing your web hosting provider.

If you want to create a website with WordPress Bluehost is a no brainer choice. They’re recommended by WordPress themselves, they’ve basically constructed their whole brand around being WordPress friendly. You get an easy oneclick WordPress installer that will install WordPress and some supportive plugins for you automatically Bluehost will likewise update your WordPress version, positioned the issues and plugins automatically as well.

Bluehost is actually my number one recommendation for WordPress based hosting. So, if you want to create a WordPress website obviously pick Bluehost. Even though Bluehost publicizes monthly rates the shortest contrive you can buy is for 1 year. And, that will cost you a onetime payment of $60 if you decide to go with Bluehost you will have to commit for at least a year because they do not offer monthly strategy and to be honest most other web hosting providers don’t offer monthly designs as well it’s just something that happens in this industry so if you want to get web hosting generally the shortest quantity of season you can buy your plan for is one year.

If you already have your website and you want to switch to Bluehost they will not transfer your website to their servers for free. It will cost you $150 per website or you’ll have to get it on yourself it’s quite a dishonor that Bluehost doesn’t give free website migration because providers like a hosting do but it’s not really that big of an agreement if you know how to migrate the website yourself or you don’t even have a website to migrate in the first place. So, I’ve been using Bluehost and I’ve been a happy customer for quite a long time now I rarely have any issues with them and when I do the subsistence people cure me out within a tolerable extent of an hour if you’re still considering Bluehost I would say go for it specially if you’re planning to host a WordPress based website if you require more information about Bluehost I’ll leave the full indepth review of Bluehost that I did at the end of this video but if you’re ready to create your website don’t forget to grab a 63% rebate for Bluehost hopes through the links down in the specific characteristics below my word is Emit with the hosting recall squad and as always good luck obliging your websites.

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5 ways to Optimize your WordPress website

Less resource requirement and speedy loading time are what defines a fully optimized site. A well-behaving WordPress web design attracts more users and also provides an amazing working experience and lowers down the hosting expenses too. There are many ways available to which WordPress web developer to enhance the performance of their website; five of them are listed below.

1.    gZIP compression

It is the easiest way for website optimization and also poses a great notable impact on it. By enabling the gZIP compression the size of text, JS, CSS and HTML files are reduced approximately to the half of the original ones. Faster delivery to the customer is ensured as a lot of bandwidth is saved by sending the compressed files by the server. One of the benefits of using this method in web development is that no plugin is required and can just be used with the help of some codes.

2.    Minifying CSS and javascript

Minifying CSS and JavaScript files lower downs its sizes and has proved to be one of the most efficient ways. Minifying the files will automatically remove the entire set of empty spaces, empty lines and comments from the files. This will lower the file size and optimize the working of the website by decreasing the speed by which the site is being load. WordPress designer can complete this process with the help of many tools available online.

3.    Smush images

You should use the correct image size while adding it to the website. You should also pay attention while uploading the images and remove the unnecessary content from it. Like when a picture is clicked the device also stores the information about the time and date when it was clicked, all this information stores extra space and makes the site take more time to load.

4.    Enable CDN for your website

Your site can improve the loading speed once the CDN is enabled in it. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) works by cloning all the data of the website from around the globe. It assures the faster loading of the page from each and every location not only the ones near the data center. You can enable CDN by various external links available online if not provided by your hosting provider.

5.    Dynamic Caching

Cache makes the site work slowly and enabling dynamic caching helps you clear the cache automatically and optimizing the speed of the website. It is also listed as one of the most efficient ways to optimize your site. You have to rely on the hosting providers for enabling the caching solutions for your website.


The performance of the website play an important role in being it a hit or flop for the wordpress web developer and thus is worth spending some of your time on its optimization. You should make sure that the site and every page of it is loading fast for both you and your visitors’ benefits. You should keep in mind to regularly optimizing the website in order to enhance its performance and keep it efficient.