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Digital Nomad Guide to Shopping in Chiang Mai

Shopping in Chiang Mai is always a rewarding activity since this is a city where you can find everything starting from trendy shopping malls to the artisan’s workshop to the mind blowing shopping spots in the lanes and streets of the old city.

In this post we are going to talk about the top 5 shopping destinations in the city of Chiang Mai.

  • Wualai Walking Street

Wualai, located in the old city of Chiang Mai is a super lively night bazaar which starts every Saturday afternoon and continues till around 10:30 P.M. If you are looking forward to going for a Saturday night shopping spree in Chiang Mai then make sure to take a stroll through the Wualai Walking Street. Here you can choose from loads of locally created handicraft items and sample some of the tastiest local food on the go. Other items on sale include silverware, lacquer artefacts, trendy clothing by local designers and even a few lovely orchids. Wualai is located real close to the old city walls so reaching there is never going to be a problem.

  • Central Plaza, Chiang Mai Airport

The first central mall of Chiang Mai, The Central Plaza continues to be one of the most popular shopping destinations of the city, thanks to its proximity to the airport and the Old City. Once you step inside you’d be thrilled by the sheer number of shops which even features a few designer brands. A perfect place to shop for your last minute souvenirs, Central Airport Plaza comes with 5 floors full of shops and eateries. The boutique stores in the souvenir section of mall stocks a range of Thai souvenirs such as teak items, trinkets, clothes, silks, traditional toys etc.

  • Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Niman Road

One of the latest malls in the city of Chiang Mai, Maya Lifestyle and Shopping Centre is a trendy lifestyle mall much favoured by the young crowd. Some of the biggest names in this mall would include Adidas, Oakley, CC)) and Jaspal. However, Maya is so much more than an ordinary shopping mall. Here you can find a vast range of cafes, eateries, entertainment centres, cinemas and a superb terrace with a few real cool bars.

  • Palmy

If you are looking forward to indulging in a bit of cloth shopping then make sure to pay a visit to Palmy on the Ratchadamnoen Road. At Vinita, you can choose from a range of apparels, fabrics and accessories such as beautiful printed t-shirts, casual pyjamas, quirky hats, batik silk scarves etc. The cute cartoon print t-shirts are a must buy from this store.

  • Bor Sang Village

Bor Sang Village is one of the few places in Thailand which gives you a totally exotic shopping experience. Located about a distance of 9 Km from the Old City, this handicraft village is famous for the fantastic handcrafted paper umbrellas. A cultural symbol of the city, these lovely umbrellas comes in different shapes and sizes starting from the tiny cocktail umbrellas to huge garden parasols and other beautiful items made out of paper.

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