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tips for sustainable camping

10 Tips for more Sustainable Camping ⛺️

I just got back from a really amazing camping trip and I thought I would talk about ten ways you can camp in a more sustainable and conscious way. If you’re newer to camping or you don’t know if you’re gonna be camping a lot I recommend borrowing equipment instead of buying it.

So many people have camping equipment and you need to buy quite a lot of stuff so it’s a lot more sustainable to borrow it especially if it’s something that you don’t know you’re gonna be using a lot.

Tips for more Sustainable Camping

A lot of camping equipment is made from plastics and synthetic materials so being able to use something that already exists is a lot better than buying something new and if you are gonna be camping a lot and you want to buy your own gear try to find it secondhand a lot of camping gear isn’t really used that much. If you have to buy it new definitely invest in high-quality pieces that will hopefully last a lifetime bring your own food and preferably in reusable containers a lot of camping friendly food is prepackaged and comes with a lot of plastic so if you can be organized and have your own containers of food that’s gonna cut down on a lot of waste and along with that also make sure to bring your own water and water containers if you have to buy water bottles or large water jugs again that’s a lot of plastic.

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Another tip with bringing reusable things is bringing your own dishes and cutlery we actually have this really nice camping cooking set which all fits together unfortunately see so many people bringing disposable plastic cutlery and paper plates.

When they’re camping and this just creates a lot of garbage and isn’t necessary and if you do create any garbage make sure that you dispose of it properly a lot of campsites especially in Canada.

The country have bears and so you need to put your garbage away in bear-proof bins this is really important because leaving garbage out not only isn’t good for the environment but it can also attract bears and other animals to the campsites which can be really harmful for them and another tip is when you’re doing your dishes and cleaning things around your campsite make sure that you use eco-friendly and biodegradable soap. It’s not harming the plants and nature around your campsite this is also important for the soap that you use to wash yourself and additionally if you’re swimming make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen that’s safe for aquatic plants and if you’re hiking and walking around please make sure to stay on the trails there’s a lot of plants and animal homes and insects around the trails and stomping all over them can damage them this next point I don’t think should have to be said

But unfortunately I see it a lot respect the wildlife don’t feed animals I know it might be really cute and fun to feed wild animals but this attracts them into public areas it familiarizes them with people and they often have to be put down because of this and also don’t pick flowers and plants I know they’re really beautiful but you can enjoy nature without picking it or taking it with you and along with this don’t cut down trees or use brush around your campsite for your fire if you’re having one go to the campsite and figure out where you can buy firewood or get it in a more responsible way that isn’t damaging the environment around the campsite and also make sure to only have fires in designated areas or fire pits unfortunately

In Canada we have a lot of forest fires and many of them are caused by careless people and my final tip is to save some electricity and camp power free generators burn fuel and if you do really need to charge something there are some solar charges available or you can do things like charge your phone while you’re driving your car but overall I think if there’s any way that you can reduce energy or use no energy that’s of course the most sustainable and I think the most enjoyable way to camp.