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3 Hot Trends for SEO 2019

So what are some hot SEO trends to follow in 2019 we got three tips coming up.

We want to talk to you guys about three hot SEO trends in 2019 these are things that SEO is going to be focusing on and if you can capitalize on these three issues you’ll be able to get that much further ahead get that much more exposure and hopefully make more money so no matter what sort of online presence you have you have to stay visible to your prospects leads and customers and the absolute best way to accomplish this is to continually work on the optimization of your website of your social media content.

Knowing how to recognize and implement trends will keep you visible in the search engine results pages or SERP.

Here are three SEO trends to follow in 2019

#1 – Going mobile

Number one is mobile first the world is on the go and your content should be also a recent report released by statistics clearly shows that in 2018 52 percent of all the global web pages served to end-users were on mobile devices that is a staggering statistic it’s tablets smartphones I mean the future is now and it is mobile this number has continues to rise since the Year 2009.

There is no slowing down in fact in March of 2018 Google after a year and a half of careful experimentation and Estie decided to roll out mobile first indexing and in the words of Google. That is mobile first indexing means that we’ll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking to better help our primary mobile users find what they’re looking for.

So what does this all mean basically you need to ensure that the mobile version of your website is as good and user-friendly and has rich content just as much as your desktop site most web hosting services like Wix which was what we use and GoDaddy have integrated easy-to-use mobile editors.

You definitely want to make sure that your mobile website and is looking top-notch tip number two is you’re going to see a shift to voice search in fact there was no clearer revolution in 2018 than the rise of personal devices like Cortana Bigsby Alice Siri Alexa and Google assisted.

#2 – Voice SEO

We’re living in the midst of a paradigm shift and that shift is the transition from just typing keywords and search queries into search engines and actually talking to digital services so granted. This isn’t going to happen overnight but the process I need you to understand has already started and it will soon have a significant and profound impact on digital marketing and SEO speaking search words and typing search words are two completely different ways of searching for information.

#3 – Go Local SEO

Frankly you’re going to need both alright so a great way to optimize for voice searching and stuff is to take full advantage of social media platforms and your website platforms localization services offered by most websites and social media sites you’ve got a great opportunity to really capitalize on the near me the two by things to do tonight search combinations if your content and your website is SEO friendly to your local market.

So you really want to concentrate on your local market especially if you’re a brick and mortar business or you actually do sales where people can come to you and and find you get into that localization turn on that GPS put in those addresses and let people know where they can physically find you the third tip and trend that we’re seeing in SEO for 2019

This is kind of a continuation of 2018 in fact everything has been moving to this for the last couple years and it’s going to continue to do so and that is quality and engaging content we are moving more towards quality versus quantity and you really want to make sure that you’re providing exceptional value and quality to your end users in fact at Writise.com we have long preached about the necessity of creating quality and engaging content if you can go to Google Trends that is a tool Google Trends right now.

Type in the topic related to your target market or niche this will give you a treasure trove of information in fact the maps will show you where in the country your topic is trending related topics and sites that are already optimized for your niche as well as related search queries search words and search phrases that real users are actively searching right now.

That’s Google Trends please go check that out in today’s world users want informative and engaging content they are actively searching to answers to their problems remember your job as a creator your job as a small business your job as an entrepreneur is to provide the answers to the questions that your searchers and your prospects are looking for all right you want your content to help your target audience if you solve problems and get into conversations taking place on social media and provide real value you’re gonna jump leaps and head not only in your brand and not only in your market but you’re gonna see great SEO results.

Gearing up 2019

Well guys there you have it following these trends in 2019 will produce great results for your small business or brand this year it’s important to remember though that you need to be clear and honest with yourself and your business you have to define your target market and you have to identify what your target market needs want and buys if you understand what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach and you establish your goals and define the platforms that you want to use to reach those goals then concentrate on those top three platforms and apply these strategies you’re gonna see yourself way ahead of the competition.


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