how to charge iphone fast

How to charge your iPhone faster!

if you’re a longtime iPhone owner you probably have four or five of these lying around if charging your phone seems really slow with these chargers that’s because it is there’s actually a much faster way to charge Apple just doesn’t pack it in the box

I’m the guy from WEBTECHU and here’s what you need to know to charge your iPhone way faster than you’re used to this little white cube it supports five watt power draw but if you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 10 your phone supports up to an 18 watt power draw the more draw the faster your phone can charge.

Here’s the rub Apple only gives you these five watt chargers when you buy a new iPhone to actually make use of fast charging you have to go out and get yourself the right charger there’s two parts you’ll need the first is a USB Sita lightning cable which runs about $20 from Apple.

Anker has one coming soon that’ll be a few dollars less now to replace the white cube you can use pretty much any charger with a USB C port you can even use your laptop’s charger if it’s USB C or even the ports on your laptop your iPhone will only draw the 18 watts ports so you don’t need to worry about damaging your phone with too much power

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If you just want a basic replacement for your little white cube we recommend the achey 18 watt power delivery wall charger it’s barely bigger than the 5 watt charger that comes with your phone the charge is two and a half times as fast a full charge to an iPhone 10 s from 0 to 100% on the standard Apple wall charger takes about three hours.

With a USBC cable and a fast charger it takes half that time that’s a huge difference anchors power port 2 PD is the best USB sea wall charger out there not only does it have a 30 watt USB C port beyond max speed for your phone is even fast enough to charge a MacBook or a MacBook Air there’s also 12 Watts standard USB port for charging a second device at the same time like your air pods or a Bluetooth speaker for $30 it’s a great deal if you want fast charging on-the-go be like Anker’s 10,000 million our banquet power delivery it has enough power to charge an iPhone three times or so plus two extra USB ports it’s super handy.

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